A Peshmerga prays at a front line position.
 Goats roam a Peshmerga base.
 A view from a front line position of traffic leaving Kurdish territory and heading into an Islamic State controlled area.
 Peshmerga during downtime at a base.
 Peshmerga have a morning wash at a base.
 A cook prepares breakfast for officers at a base.
 An officer's escort sleeps in the heat of the day while he waits to move again.
 Peshmerga swim in an irrigation canal at a front line position.
 Peshmerga smoke, sing and play with their phones in the evening.
 Peshmerga prepare to go on patrol.
 Peshmerga train to use a machine gun donated by the French government.
 Men slaughter a goat on a base.
 Boots lie outside sleeping quarters on a base.
 Officers eat an evening meal.
 Peshmerga pray before going to sleep.
 A soldier gestures to a friend during downtime.
 A junior officer kills time on his phone.
 Peshmerga observe Islamic State territory from a front line position.
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