Helly Luv during rehearsals in Erbil.
 Helly Luv (right) arrives at a dress rehearsal with Venla Vuorio, one of her dancers.
 Helly Luv's backing dancers shop for stage costumes at the bazaar in Erbil.
 Helly Luv during a dress rehearsal.
 Helly Luv touches up her makeup during a dress rehearsal.
 Helly Luv discusses her show with her backing dancers Sari Marin and Venla Vuorio.
 Helly Luv pictured at a dress rehearsal in Shanidar Park.
 Helly Luv at a hair salon prior to her show.
 Helly Luv gives instruction to her entourage on the way to her show.
 People wait to see Helly Luv perform in Shanidar Park.
 Helly Luv and her mother make their way through the crowd before her performance.
 Helly Luv's producer stands with a security guard backstage.
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